How to Rent Godzilla: A Film Series

From the creators of Godzilla to the most powerful, influential, and controversial filmmakers of all time, our top ten films list will show you where to rent Godzilla, the next best thing to Godzilla, and how to see the newest Godzilla movie.


Godzilla (2016) From director Gareth Edwards and star Tom Hardy, this sequel to 2007’s Godzilla will have you watching with a mix of awe and terror.

The film follows the journey of a human scientist who is kidnapped and used as a test subject by the evil entity known as Toho.

His experiments will result in the destruction of mankind and the extinction of the entire world.

After being rescued by an unlikely group of heroes, Hardy plays a scientist who returns to the lab and begins his mission to save the world.

In this installment of the “Godzilla: The Movie” series, Hardy and director Josh Trank will once again deliver an intense adventure, as they introduce the world to the monster and his arch-rival, the Toho Corporation.


Godzilla (2008) From the director of Godzilla, James Cameron and the visionary cinematographer Christopher McQuarrie, this new film is the third installment in the “King Kong” franchise.

The original trilogy, released in 1984 and 1985, starred the Japanese warrior as a warrior who had a vision of Earth as the paradise he envisioned.

In 2005, the new film, which was released in 2019, rewrote the script for the sequel.

The filmmakers chose to take a completely different approach to the story.

They cast a Japanese actor in the role of a young boy who is abducted by Toho, who turns him into a monster.

The new film takes the monster character’s personality and voice into account.

This new approach allows the audience to see a character that we have never seen before and has a very different voice.


The Last Samurai (2009) Directed by Akira Kurosawa, this epic Japanese epic will take the audience back to the days of samurai, from when Japanese soldiers first appeared on the battlefields of Japan to the end of World War II.

As the samurai fight to defend their nation, they become increasingly violent.

In the third film in the Kurosaw family’s “Legend of the Seven Samurai” series that began in 1939, Kurosami re-teams with a cast of samurai veterans who include Tom Cruise, Scarlett Johansson, and Meryl Streep.

The Japanese warrior, known as Kiyoshi, is the most brutal and powerful samurai in history.

In his first battle, Kiyos face is slashed open, and he is sent to the underworld, where he has a battle with the spirit of a demon.

Kiyosi is freed from the underworld and meets the spirit Kiyo, who commands Kiyoki to destroy the city of Ogasawara.

When Kiyoko arrives in Ogasawa, Kijos life is saved by a young girl, named Tama.

She asks Kiyojas master, Kihachi, to save her father, a member of the legendary warrior family, and give her a sword.

Tama is a child of Tama, the warrior that Kiyoku was in the Underworld.

Kijo, now the master of the blade, takes Kiyoka to a mysterious castle that he believes has been hidden away by a powerful demon.

There, the young girl learns that the sword is destined to protect her family and the world, and Kiyokas true destiny.

In a film that will be considered the greatest of all Japanese martial arts, the film will have the audience questioning their own sanity, and whether it is possible to become a warrior of this era.


Godzilla: Final Wars (2017) Directing by Gareth Edwards, this third installment of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla franchise will take audiences back to 1954, when the Japanese giant lizard was first spotted in Japan.

This film follows a group of explorers who are stranded in an abandoned ship, where they encounter an ancient Japanese warrior named Okuninushi.

As Okunin is fighting a giant snake, the crew is captured by the beast, who tortures them to death.

The crew is rescued by a group that includes a scientist, a scientist that specializes in the development of nuclear weapons, and a young woman who has escaped the beast.

This young woman is called Mio and she uses her powers to help the crew and the scientist.

Mio is sent by Okunin to find a weapon that can defeat the beast that has destroyed Japan.


Godzilla vs. Kong (2016, Directed By Gareth Edwards) The film that started it all is back in 2017, as the “Golden Age” of Godzilla is coming to an end.

This epic Godzilla film follows two of the most revered and powerful characters in Japanese history, King Kong (Gareth Edwards) and his Kong (J.A. Bayona), as they battle each other.