‘A Monster Calls’ review: ‘The biggest, dumbest, most heart-wrenching’ horror movie series on TV

The best horror movies on TV aren’t just the classics.

They’re the best of the best, and “A Monster Called Molly” is no exception.

If you’ve been a big “A” fan for a while, you’ve likely been a fan of this series.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth picking up a copy.

It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the most compelling horror series on television.

The premise: A woman named Molly has been kidnapped and taken to the woods by a mysterious man.

But the man’s not her real name.

He’s a monster.

His name is Alton.

Alton is a creature of a different kind.

He is a monstrous monster, a monster that is a man and not a man.

And he has a monster inside him.

Almont’s powers come from his father, an evil, sinister man.

He created Alton as a child to use him to steal from the town’s wealthy and powerful families.

In exchange, Alton would help the man to escape.

He wanted to become a murderer.

The truth of his motives was discovered when Molly’s father, Almond, turned up dead.

He was killed by Alton’s mother, Molly’s aunt.

The story starts when Molly, now a teenager, goes to the library to look up the story of Almond’s father.

She ends up reading about the kidnapping of Molly’s mother and finding out more about the evil man that murdered her mother.

And it’s there that Molly learns the story about the abduction and how Almond is the monster behind it.

“A MOMENT IN THE LIFE” is the first season of the series and it follows Molly as she moves from town to town.

Almond was the one who kidnapped Molly and brought her to his house, then took her away and gave her the name Molly.

“She’s a little girl with a big heart,” Almond says in one of his first appearances in the show.

Molly eventually ends up with a very different, more compassionate and kind-hearted character named Tedd.

But Molly doesn’t stop there.

She decides to go to the man and help him escape from Almond.

She also meets the man in a small town, and then ends up being in the middle of a town brawl.

She eventually finds a way to stop Almond from escaping.

But she doesn’t know how to fight and she’s also a little bit overwhelmed.

The series takes place in the modern day of Pennsylvania.

It follows Molly, who is living in a new city called East Liberty, Pennsylvania, as she tries to deal with the kidnapping.

And then in the next episode, Molly and Almond go to a church to find a man who is helping Almond escape.

The man is actually a woman named Sarah, and Almont and Molly go to meet her.

They meet her and then they get married.

“The series also introduces a lot of new characters,” says the showrunner, Marc DeBevoise.

They include a teacher named Sarah’s husband, Thomas, who’s been working as a teacher, but he also has a history with the town, being a member of the “Crowning Club” and also being a part of the Royal Family.

“There are also a couple of other characters who are familiar to the fans,” he adds.

They also include a couple new villains.

One of them is “Big Al” from “Gotham City,” a guy who Almond has been trying to convince to come back to town so he can get Almond back.

Another is the evil, dark, and twisted Dr. Drago, who Almont has been chasing.

But Drago isn’t just about the monster inside Almond — he’s also about Almond trying to find his way back to his mother, and trying to make peace with her.

“It’s a story about redemption and how a monster is not always the bad guy,” says DeBovoise.

“They’re just as flawed as you are.”

“A monster called Molly” season 1 trailer ABC/20/20 TVGuide.com/Netflix-exclusive The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros., and executive produced by DeBovee.

It stars Jason Bateman, Liev Schreiber, David Harewood, Amy Sedaris, Michael Chiklis, James Marsters, John Slattery, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Jaimie Alexander.