‘Black Swan’: Disney’s ‘Black Beauty’ is Disney’s first animated feature title

Disney’s upcoming “Black Swan” is the first Disney feature to be released in a wide format, and the studio is hoping that the new film will be a hit with audiences.

While most audiences will be drawn to the first two animated features released in 2019 (Tangled and The Lion King), Disney has made an effort to have the film be a more accessible film for younger audiences.

The film is set in a dystopian future where an entire race of humans have become extinct and live on a massive island.

The filmmakers aim to provide a more emotional experience with the story, as well as more diversity, with a female lead in the lead role and two female leads and a non-white lead.

“We know we need to have more women in the role of the villain, but we also know that we need people of color,” Disney chief content officer John Lasseter said.

“We want to make sure that we have enough diversity in the film to be able to have a more inclusive film that appeals to a wide variety of audiences.”

I think it will be very well received,” Lassett said.

The film is the latest addition to the Disney family of movies to have an animated feature release.

Disney’s 2017 animated hit “The Jungle Book” has become the most successful animated film ever, and it is the next film to receive a wide release.

The studio is also releasing a new movie called “Cars 3” which is slated to be a sequel to the hit vehicle that starred Scarlett Johansson.

Disney also announced a new TV series for 2020, and a live-action TV show is in the works.