Why a Power Ranger Film About a Ranger and His Friends is Awesome

On January 6, 2017, Power Rangers was released in theaters, and the internet lit up.

A trailer was released and people started talking about it, which has been going strong for months.

A lot of people were excited about the film, and rightfully so.

The film’s plot was really well-done and it was really cool to see the Ranger team fighting monsters, and it also had a really great ensemble cast, so there was a lot of excitement.

The trailer had a lot to do with the characters, and there were a lot people talking about them.

The fact that this was a Power Rangers movie and that it was directed by the same man who directed the films Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and The Powerpuff Girls also made it great.

However, the trailer was actually kind of misleading about the main character of the movie, Rordon.

The movie actually begins with Rordon, who is the leader of the group, and his friend, the Green Ranger.

They are called the Power Rangers, and they are actually the biggest, baddest group of people in the world.

They have a lot going on in the universe.

In fact, they were created by Professor X and his X-Men.

Rordon is a human-powered Ranger who lives in the fictional town of Rordon City.

Rounding out the cast are several non-humans, including a robot named Fido, a super-powered robot named Dino and a dinosaur named Fauna.

The Power Rangers are basically super villains, and that’s why they are so popular.

They’re a group of misfits who are super badass and are really bad ass, and you love them for that.

I was actually really excited when I saw the trailer for the movie because I thought the whole idea was great, and I thought they did a really good job of capturing what the Power Ranger’s are really like.

However it’s very misleading about Rordon’s character.

The main character Rordon was originally a human, who was taken over by Professor Xavier, who made him into the Powerpuff Boys, the best superhero team in the entire universe.

After Professor Xavier died and the PowerPuff Boys were formed, the world turned into the modern day, which was a huge problem for Rordon in his early days as a Ranger.

In his first fight against the evil Professor X, Rordan is shot in the head and he ends up being turned into a Powerpuff Girl.

He’s given a new costume and his identity is changed to being called Rordon and his friends are called Power Rangers.

The real reason Rordon gets killed in the trailer is because Professor X took over the entire planet and made everyone who doesn’t fit in into his perfect world, which is why he made Rordon the Power of the Universe.

Professor Xavier wanted Rordon to be the best power-user, but when he took over, he turned Rordon into a robot.

This is where the trailer gets really confusing.

Rordan was created by Xavier in a time before time travel.

In a universe where the universe is created by a mad scientist named Professor X who was responsible for creating the world, it was only a matter of time until Rordon started getting into trouble.

The Professor, however, did not have the time to stop Rordon because he was also the head of the X-Branch, the branch of the Xavier Institute of Science.

The Institute is actually based in the same city as the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, which Xavier is the headmaster of.

Professor X also wants Rordon killed, but Xavier doesn’t want him to be killed, so he sends a team of powerful mutants to try and stop Rordan.

They end up stopping him, and he goes back to his human form, but he’s left behind by his Power Rangers because they were able to stop the evil X-Ray and destroy his home.

They were able stop the XRAY, which made Rordan into a superpowered Powerpuff.

Randal, the main Ranger, then goes on a quest to defeat Professor Xavier and save the Earth.

Rolan is the main antagonist of the film and he’s a powerful villain who has a lot more in common with The Avengers’ Captain America and The Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards than he does with the Power Puff.

Rolans life was changed when he was given a special form of mind control by Professor Cyclops, the creator of the Fantastic Four, and Rolan has been given a very bad name.

The term Power Ranger is now a pejorative and it’s used in every facet of the media.

It’s now used to describe any person who is not a Power-Puff, which means that you’re a Power Puffer.

There are also many other characters who are Power Rangers that are not named Power Rangers or have a different origin, but they’re still considered Power Rangers even if they don’t have a Power Ring.

The entire Power Rangers