How to save money on the latest Pearl Harbor movie: Hugs

Hugs is a film about two young men who travel to New York City to meet their girlfriend’s mother.

They spend the first three days of their trip on a yacht with a huge gold boat and a crew of wealthy people, and the movie ends with them being transported to the Pearl Harbor attack.

A few days later, the two meet up with their mother and father to talk about what happened.

They find themselves at the same time in two different worlds: Pearl Harbor and the real world.

Hugs stars Zach Braff as Jacob, the man who was aboard the ship with his mother and is trying to keep her safe and alive in the aftermath of the attack.

The film is directed by James Gray (the Coen Brothers, the Big Lebowski, and The Room).

Hugs opens Friday.

It has already grossed more than $200 million worldwide, and is in theaters now.

The first trailer for Hugs below: