‘A’ is a sexy film starring a Bollywood actress

A movie starring a female director, which is due to be released next month in Tamil Nadu, has gone viral on social media, garnering the ire of some critics.

The film is titled ‘A’, starring the director Sushant Kumar, who is known for his work on Bollywood films.

A video that went viral on Twitter and Facebook, showing Kumar’s trailer and the plot of the film, has gained over 2.7 lakh likes on the social media platform in just 24 hours.

A trailer has also been uploaded on YouTube.

The film is scheduled to be in cinemas on October 17.

A woman who was present in the trailer, told NDTV that Kumar was the one who was being filmed.

She added that he was in a “hot-blooded” mood, but it is not clear what the mood was.

A group of girls were present, including the lead character, who was apparently in love with Kumar.

“I was with him at a party, he told me that I was beautiful.

I was so moved that he wanted to marry me.

He even offered to buy me a car, but I refused.

He told me to go back to my parents and they would take care of me,” she said.

The actress also said that the producer of the movie, Kalyan Prakash, was also present in her trailer.

“We had a nice dinner at a restaurant.

I saw a couple of girls sitting there.

They were very beautiful and I wanted to hug them.

But they were wearing sunglasses,” she added.

Another woman said she was in the car with Kumar and asked if she could watch a movie.

She was asked if it was a movie she was interested in.

“No, it was about a sexy actress,” she replied.

She also said she had a feeling that the film was about the Bollywood actresses, who are “haunted” by the word “A”.

“The film was very sad and sadistic.

The producer said that we would be cast as the main couple.

We went to the studio and told them that the main character was in love.

It was very strange and uncomfortable for me,” the woman said.

Kumar’s latest film, which has also earned a score of 89 on IMDb, has already garnered a lot of attention in India.

The plot of ‘A’s’ revolves around two girls, played by the two directors in the film.

It has been viewed by a few hundred thousand people and has been picked up by the media and the international press.

NDTV contacted Kumar, but he did not respond to the phone call.