What the heck is going on in the new Greenland film?

Greenland’s film, A Good Day to Die, is a weird hybrid of horror and science fiction.

It’s an anthology of sci-fi and horror that’s based on the work of Norwegian film-maker Vikernes Jørgensen, whose film “A Good Day To Die” was nominated for the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject.

It follows the lives of a group of refugees who flee to a remote island in the middle of nowhere to escape the apocalypse.

The film tells a story of a world where people don’t talk about what happened to them, and they don’t seem to care.

The filmmakers have spent years in the process of creating the film, which was produced in Norway and Sweden.

“We really want to use our vision to make a really strange and beautiful film that tells the story of people who are scared of the future,” Jørgen told The Verge.

In the film’s trailer, the refugees are shown taking refuge in a tree, with a young boy sitting on a rock next to them.

Jørnson said the film was inspired by the novel “A Ghost Story,” written by William Gibson.

“There’s a great quote from the book, ‘We will never forget the end of the world.’

It’s this kind of idea that people are going to survive or die in a very strange and unpredictable world,” he said.

“It’s really hard to explain.

I think it’s the way of our subconscious.”

The film also stars a fictional character named Stavros (Nils Nørland) and the narrator, a young man named Dolf (Martin Jørlund), who was born on a remote and dangerous island in Europe.

The two are forced to find food and shelter on a small island, with no electricity, water, or heat.

When the refugees find food, they’re forced to kill a bear.

The bear is one of several creatures that Dolf kills in order to feed the refugees.

The bears are all part of an alien race called “The Ones.”

In a twist, the bear who is responsible for killing Stavro and Dolf is actually Stavrogn (Lars Mikkelsen), a character from the novel that’s the narrator’s father.

The pair eventually discover a hidden island and learn that the island is actually inhabited by a race of beings called the “Gods.”

The documentary is being produced by a Swedish filmmaker named Lars-Gunnar Stavnquist, who was also the director of “A Ghosts Walk.”

“A Gods Walk” was released in 2014.

Jorgensen’s documentary “A Bad Day To Live” is the sequel to the 2011 film “Greenland,” which earned him the 2014 Academy Award.

The short film “Dolf” was a hit in Norway in 2016, and the film inspired a sequel.

It was also nominated for Best Film Short Subject at the 2012 Oscars.

The documentary “The One” has been nominated for five awards in the same year, including Best Documental Short Subject and Best Foreign Language Film.

A Good Night to Die was directed by Anders Bjørndal and features a new cast of characters, including the film director, Anders Støjberg.

“A good night to die is a very sad ending,” Støberg said.

The director also said he hopes that his film can inspire other filmmakers to go deeper into the world of alien beings.

“I want people to go to a movie theatre, go and watch ‘A Good Night To Die,’ and maybe learn something about the world they’re watching,” he added.

“If it is a good movie, that will be an amazing moment.

And maybe I can teach someone how to film, too.”

The new film is available on Netflix and Hulu.