Zodiac: Zodiac, The Movie is the perfect blend of style and content

In 2016, Zodiac was released as the final instalment in the cult film franchise Zodiac.

It was a big hit, spawning numerous sequels and spinoffs, and cementing Zodiac as one of the best-loved films of all time.

Now, it’s time for the film to be brought to life with a cinematic re-imagining.

Filmmaker Michael Hirst, who helmed the films two sequels, has produced a special film adaptation of the popular series, with the title ZODIAC: THE FILM, which will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 21.

The film is based on a screenplay by Michael Hough, who wrote the screenplay for the films first installment.

The script is by Nick Sosnowski and Christopher Lee, the producers of the Zodiac movies.

It’s a love letter to the fans of the films, with a touch of modern day cinema thrown in.

Hirst has said that Zodiac’s legacy will be seen in the film, and is set to be “a film that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone”.

In the film we’ll see an action-packed journey through the history of Zodiac from its first film, which was released in 2005, to the present day, which is the last movie in the series.

We’ll meet the cast of characters that made Zodiac such a cult classic, from the original Zodiac crew to the original actors who have been brought back in.

There’s also the return of the original writers, Michael Hirsch and Jason Robards, and a brand new cast of actors including John Goodman, David Warner and James Earl Jones.

The film will also include a documentary which will delve deeper into the history behind the film.

It’s a very ambitious project and Hirst said that it’s going to be the most immersive, cinematic Zodiac experience yet.

It will be presented on the highest level, with an all-new story that you will never forget.

Hollywood veteran cinematographer David Sacks will produce the film with his studio, VFX company Mondo Films, and will be working with Hirst on special effects.

It has been produced by Michael Hill, who directed the first Zodiac movie.

It was produced in conjunction with Universal Pictures, Universal Music Group and Sony Pictures Classics.