Lincoln’s robot film hits $150 million worldwide

The $150-million production of Lincoln, which premiered in the United States on April 12, has earned more than $100 million domestically.

The film, a sci-fi thriller, is one of the most profitable films in Lincoln’s history, grossing more than one-third of its $80 million budget and grossing $70 million overseas.

It also earned $30 million in the U.S., including a $6 million opening day.

The movie’s global success is largely due to the success of Lincoln’s director, Noah Baumbach, who had previously directed the blockbuster film, The Revenant, in the summer of 2016.

In addition to earning international acclaim, Lincoln also earned a major box office success in China.

The global box office for Lincoln is expected to be in the $130-million range, and is expected in the range of $300 million-plus globally.