Temple Grandin, Paul Francis Film School, ‘The Last Man’ star, ‘Lincoln’ star join ranks for ‘The Perfect Man’ sequel

On Friday, the Temple Grandins and Paul Francis Films of Los Angeles announced that they have signed a contract to make the upcoming documentary “The Perfect Woman,” which follows the lives of four women who went through life as the perfect men.

The film is being produced by the Temple and Francis family and is being directed by Temple Grandinus.

The project, which is currently in preproduction, will feature new interviews with the women, which will include “lots of tears” and a special behind-the-scenes video.

The story centers on the lives and work of the three women, who were chosen by the church to be the first women to graduate from the school of film studies in the U.S. and Canada.

In a statement, Temple Grandinas said, “This film, like the many we’ve made before, is about people doing great things for the world, and we are thrilled to be working with Temple and Paul on this project.”