What happens when a movie star dies?

A woman is being sued for sexual misconduct, allegedly by a former boyfriend, after she claims she was sexually assaulted by the star of a movie about her husband’s death.

The lawsuit filed in a California federal court says the woman, who has not been identified, was attacked in 2007 and has been living in fear for the last several years after being unable to work.

“The lawsuit was filed in response to a lawsuit filed by the plaintiff in federal court in Los Angeles alleging that the defendant violated her civil rights and caused irreparable harm,” the complaint states.

“Defendant has a history of engaging in sexual misconduct and harassment, and has engaged in the sexual harassment of at least two other women.”

The lawsuit says the actor is a friend of the woman’s.

The Hollywood Reporter has contacted both Weinstein Co. and Weinstein Co-CEO Harvey Weinstein for comment.

The case has not yet been filed.

We will update this story when more information becomes available.

In a statement, Weinstein Co said: “We’re confident in the strength of our internal investigation into these allegations.

It’s been a very difficult and difficult six years for our company.

This lawsuit is a distraction from the company’s core mission, which is to help make movies that entertain people, not make money.”

The lawsuit alleges that the woman worked for Weinstein in the 1990s and 2000s as a model and assistant, then in a role similar to that of a “director.”

The woman filed her lawsuit in January of this year.

It was filed by two women, one of whom is now a filmmaker, and a male friend of hers, according to court documents.

The woman said she was “horrified” by the incident and has “never felt safe in the workplace.”

“She was a model, an assistant to a director, and was forced to perform sexual acts on numerous occasions, including with other men,” according to the complaint.

“In many cases, she did so in public and with her colleagues, in violation of her contractual rights.”

The suit also alleges that Weinstein repeatedly harassed her over a three-year period.

The lawsuit says Weinstein repeatedly asked the woman to perform oral sex and to perform “oral sex” to him in the bedroom of a hotel room.

She said Weinstein once told her to kiss him on the lips while he watched her perform oral oral sex on another man.

“I had never done that before,” the woman said in the complaint, adding that she was uncomfortable with Weinstein’s actions.

The woman alleges that she reported the incidents to her supervisors, but that Weinstein never took action against Weinstein.

The complaint also says that Weinstein asked her to perform a sexual act with another woman, but she said she declined.

The Los Angeles Times reported last month that Weinstein has hired an outside investigator to look into allegations that he sexually harassed or assaulted women, including actresses Ashley Judd and Gwyneth Paltrow.