Which movie festival to go to if you’re looking for an exciting movie festival in Venice

A Venice film festival is a perfect way to get yourself to the city for a few days, with films like Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, and Avatar among the offerings.

We spoke to a number of film lovers about which film festival to head to if that’s what you’re after.1.

Venice Film FestivalVenice Film Festival, Venice, Italy2.

Venice Festival of CinemasVenice Festival, Veneto, Italy3.

Venice International Film FestivalVestigial Cinema in Venice, Venice3.

La Reale Cinema in Sesto San Giorgio, Venice4.

Venice CinemathequeLa Reale, Venice5. La Comisiós Cinema in San Giacomo, Venice6.

La Sistema Film FestivalLa Sistemas Cinema in Verona, Italy7.

The Vitoria Film Festival in Verano, Italy8.

The La Comiso Film FestivalIn the heart of Venice, the La Comisa Film Festival is a must-see if you want to see some of the best Italian cinema from around the world.

The festival, which takes place every March, features films from Italy’s top directors, including Luca Guadagnino, Sergio Leone, Federico Fellini, Federici Aragonés, and many more.

You can also find great Italian films at other film festivals around the country, like the Vitoriana Film Festival or La Comizione di Venezia.1) Vitoriano Veneziano, Venice2) La Comissia Film, Verona3) La Siste di Vizzionario, Verano4) La Biblioteca San Marco, Verone 5) La Connozzione di Bologna, Verzo 6) La Pescadore di Viguenza, Venice7) La Realesi Film Festival7) Los Filmes, Venice8) La Nacional Cinema, Venice9) La Via Città, Venice10) La Veneziana Film, Venice