What the film’s cast and crew thought of a documentary film that is about a photographer’s journey to the bottom of the ocean

When the first film about the undersea explorer Judy Garland was released in the late 1960s, it was a massive hit.

But after decades of being largely ignored, the subject has now been recognised and the film has received praise from a number of prominent people.

Judy Garland in the film, Underwater Film.

Photo: Supplied The documentary film, The Giver, is being made by film-maker Nick Robinson, who says it is a “true account of the life of Judy Garland, and how she lived the rest of her life, working as a journalist for the New York Times”.

In the film Garland is portrayed as a reporter with a career spanning decades and she makes it clear in the opening minutes that her first work as a freelance photographer came from her father’s home in Texas.

Garland is seen as a woman of immense talent and courage, and a true professional in her day.

But her life has been complicated by the death of her father and the tragic death of a close friend in a plane crash.

Garland was a writer and critic, and had worked in Hollywood since the 1950s.

Her career took off in the 1960s when she made the film The Girl from Venus and wrote for the National Enquirer, the Hollywood Reporter and the New Yorker.

She went on to write for Esquire, Time and the Evening Standard.

As a journalist Garland was known for her fearless and sometimes controversial reporting on politics and the media.

But the controversial nature of the documentary was something she had never fully explained.

Nick Robinson has said that the film is about her life and it was important for people to see what she was going through.

“I wanted to show the real life Judy Garland in a very honest way.

We did that in the documentary and she is a human being who lived her life,” he said.

“The film will make people think, ‘I saw her, I knew her, why did I care?’

I think it is important for us to get that in people’s minds.”

The film’s crew, including actress Jennifer Lawrence, also include a writer, producer and director.

The Giver has been made into a TV series, which will air in 2019.

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