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IGN title How a game’s patch is a big deal article IGN: We’re not talking about the patch here, though.

We’re talking about how this patch is going to affect a game that many of us are playing right now.

If you’ve been reading this article for any length of time, you’re aware that Bethesda’s game, Skyrim, is set to be patched sometime in the next few days.

As of right now, it’s not clear when the patch will be available, or whether it’ll come with new content or not.

We got our hands on a patch to see just how important this patch really is for Skyrim.

The first thing we noticed was that the patch was quite large.

At least, it was for the console versions of the game.

Skyrim is the biggest game out there, and this patch should add up to a lot of additional content and features to make it one of the most important games out there.

We started our exploration of the patch by playing through the game on a Nintendo Switch.

There are a lot more features that were added to Skyrim than there are in the console version.

But we were also able to play the game without having to worry about having to wait for the patch.

So, let’s get into that.

What’s New in the Patch:What’s in the patch:The most significant new feature in the Skyrim patch is that it adds an entirely new level, called Blackreach, that takes place after the first part of the story in the game, “The Dragonborn.”

The level is set in the ruins of the Blackreach settlement in Windhelm, a city in the southeast of Skyrim.

This new level is completely different from the main quest level in the PC version of Skyrim, so it’s a huge step forward in terms of gameplay.

It also adds a new boss fight, which is an extra challenge in that you have to defeat a dragon.

The boss is called “Apexis” and he’s a new type of dragon that is very powerful.

This boss fight can only be fought on certain areas in the new Blackreach level, so if you don’t want to be too afraid, you can head to the Blackrose Ruins and do the main story quest.

But the new boss is only available after you have completed the main storyline in the first chapter, “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

In this chapter, you must take down four demons.

The bosses are very difficult to defeat, and the bosses are also a challenge to complete the main game.

Here’s a look at some of the new enemies in the Blackridge level.

(If you don, for some reason, can’t see them, I have a gif of the bosses in a GIF format, which I’m uploading here to save space.

The GIFs aren’t necessarily the best quality because of how they’re framed.

If that’s the case, click on the “Load” button.)

This level is a lot bigger than the previous two, because you’re also dealing with new bosses and bosses that are actually tougher than the bosses that were in the previous chapters.

This is what the new level looks like in-game:The first boss in this new level has three heads, one that is black and two that are red.

The red head has a huge head, and it has a claw on the back of its head.

The black head has one claw on its back and one claw in its mouth.

The claws are on the backs of the head and in its hands.

There’s also a giant, red, dragon-like creature that’s standing in the middle of the red head’s body.

The dragon’s head is covered in glowing green flames.

The big dragon is surrounded by a green-and-purple aura.

The dragons head is white and has two red eyes.

The boss is the most powerful dragon in the entire game, and you’re going to need to defeat it quickly to get through this level.

Here’s what the boss looks like on the ground:You’ll notice that the boss has a lot less health.

This means that you can use a lot fewer of your weapons to defeat the boss.

In fact, you should probably just use a bow and arrow instead of the sword.

The new bosses health is much less than the old ones, so the health of your weapon is going a lot higher, too.

The second boss in the level, the “Giant,” is a huge dragon that can fly around.

The Giant has a big, red head with glowing green eyes and a dragon-shaped tail.

It’s one of two dragons in the Dragonborn chapter.

The tail has two spikes that shoot out from its tail.

The spikes are very strong and can kill you pretty quickly.

The giant dragon also has a large shield that blocks most attacks, so you can fight it without too much trouble.

The shield is a little smaller than the other dragon, so this boss fight is more of a challenge for you to defeat. Here are