Why does the UK film industry need a new crop of stars?

The film industry needs a new generation of stars, but its current crop is not inspiring, according to the country’s Film Industry Council (FIC).FIC president Paul Kelly says the industry is facing an “existential crisis” and that the “disease” is “not confined to the UK”.

“It’s really hard to get people to come to film,” he said.

“There’s so much that’s good about it, and people want to see it.”

But what we’re starting to see now is that the stars are coming from other places, not just the UK.””

We’re getting older, we’re getting younger, and that’s creating a crisis in terms of talent,” he added.FIC has been looking at the next generation of actors for several years.

It’s looking to bring in actors from the UK and the US, to create an actor pool.

The FIC said the next wave of actors should be British-made.”

It should be a group of British actors who have experience on set in order to be considered,” Mr Kelly said.

In recent years, British actors have become a big part of the Hollywood success story.

But the FIC has also found the industry struggling to attract the next crop of talent.”

The last two years, the only people who came up to us with any sort of interest were a handful of British directors,” Mr Kelley said.

The next wave in the UK’s film industry is also unlikely to come from the traditional talent pool.”

You’ve got to look at it from a film-making perspective,” Mr Kiely said.

There are already fewer young British actors than there are American or German ones, he said, and British talent in the field has also dwindled.”

I think the problem is not just that British actors are not making movies, but the British film industry itself is not making films,” Mr Fic said.

Mr Kelly says there are many reasons why film-makers need to bring more British talent into the industry.”

We need to do more to attract people who are not going to have a job or who will be coming to Australia in the next few years,” he explained.”

If we’re going to see young British people coming into the film industry, it has to be a global event.

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