‘Battle of Jericho’: How Israel won the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has released a new military film titled “Battle of the Jericho,” depicting the epic battle of May 1948, when the Palestinians defeated the Israelis at the Battle of the Judean Desert and captured the city.

In the film, the Israeli soldiers portray the Israeli army as being under heavy attack, and they are portrayed as valiant fighters who stand up to the Palestinian invaders.

The soldiers are shown in the film in battle with Israeli forces, but also in a lighthearted light, as they laugh and sing at the end of the movie.

The Israeli soldiers are depicted as having fun and having fun, as seen in the lightheartedness of the film.

The Israeli army released the film on Thursday, following a request by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The IDF has released several videos and photos in the past depicting Israeli soldiers in combat, but they were released under a military censor, which prevents them from being shown in public.

The army’s new film will be released in English, Arabic, Hebrew and Hebrew subtitles, with the intention of bringing the war to the forefront of public consciousness.

It will also feature new interviews with IDF soldiers.

A number of Palestinians have criticized the IDF for releasing the film and criticized its treatment of the Palestinian people, who are depicted in the video as being in a “state of perpetual fear.”

The IDF says that the film is not meant to be provocative and that it is intended to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinians and their history.

It has said that it intends to release a documentary on the events of the war.