A little over two hours of the best Irish comedy film in 2017

Source: RTE 2/10 The End of the World – The Last Picture of Joe (1962) director Joe Strummer starrer John Barrymore (1884-1951) based on the short story by William Morris The End Of The World (1942) starring Edward G. Robinson (1925- ).

In 1962, a small town in rural Scotland is attacked by an alien meteor which kills its inhabitants and causes a worldwide pandemic.

An ordinary farmer returns to his home town with the help of his young son.

As he prepares to leave, a mysterious figure emerges from the sky and threatens his life.

Joe Strums first film in which Barrymore plays a character who had to be changed in the film, is based on a short story about a father who had his son changed at birth.

This film became an instant classic in Ireland, and was a huge hit in the US and Britain.

A similar film, The End Begins At Midnight, is also based on this short story.

The End Ends At Midnight was a popular film in the 1960s in the UK and was also a huge success in the States.

It also starred Barrymore and had a cult following in the 1970s and 80s.

The title of this film is a play on the end of the world, the date on which the end times are predicted.

3/10 A Few Good Men – The Man Who Sold the World (1975) director Jean-Pierre Jeunet starrer David Lean (1907-1991) based upon the novel by Max Bleyer The Man (1954) starring George C. Scott (1930- ).

It tells the story of a journalist who has to cover the assassination of President Jacob Zuma.

In 1950, an American oilman is captured and sentenced to death.

A US justice of the peace tries to convince the world to send a delegation to the prison, but when a bomb explodes outside, Zuma is shot and killed by a former guard.

This is a novelisation, based on an old short story, and tells the tale of a former US president who dies in jail.

This story has become a classic in its own right, with many people still believing that this is the true story.

4/10 It’s a Wonderful Life – The Old Man and the Sea (1939) director John Ford starrer Nat Wolff starrer Edith Wharton (1875-1961) based the story by Ernest Hemingway.

It tells of a sailor named George who returns home from a fishing trip in the Caribbean.

When he learns of his mother’s death, he returns to England, and becomes an apprentice to a local fisherman.

As George becomes more interested in life, he falls in love with a young girl, who later marries him.

George soon starts to have doubts about his own sexuality and becomes a very unhappy man.

The story was adapted into a number of films including The Great Gatsby, but this is one of the more famous of Ford’s films, because it was the first film to feature a female lead.

5/10 Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1936) director Victor Fleming starrer Meryl Streep starrer Mary Pickford (1890-1968).

Breakfast At Tiffanys is the story about two sisters who get into an argument about the prices of lunch.

After the argument, one of them, the eldest sister, decides to go to Tiffany’s and get her own meal, which is a great experience for both of them.

The second sister decides to wait in line at Tiffanys and try to convince her older sister to join in.

The end of it is a very funny and touching film, which was also directed by Fleming.

The film is about the friendship between the two sisters.

6/10 You Don’t Know Jack – You Don´t Know Jack (1967) director Steven Spielberg starrer Jack Nicholson starrer (1937- ).

The film tells the true tale of Jack and his relationship with his father, who has a fatal illness.

Jack is an orphaned child when he is taken in by his grandmother.

Jack eventually finds a job at a childrens’ home, where he is able to stay in close contact with his mother and other members of the family.

One day, Jack, who is about to turn 12, is asked by his grandfather to attend a party at the house of a rich family.

He refuses, and is left in the care of his aunt, who was a famous entertainer.

The next morning, the house is attacked and the entire family is killed.

Jack has a difficult time coming to terms with the loss of his father and his mother, and feels very guilty.

7/10 Little Shop of Horrors – Little Shop Of Horrors (1949) director Stanley Kubrick starrer Stanley Kubrick (1934-1971) based a few years earlier on a novel by H.P. Lovecraft The Little Shop And The Goblins (19