The best Canadian films of 2018

On Monday, Netflix released its first-ever Canadian Netflix series, an adaptation of the cult Canadian horror classic “The Evil Dead,” with an eight-episode run beginning this Saturday.

“The Bad, The Beautiful, The Rude” will premiere as an 8-episode series, beginning on Netflix in Canada on Friday, May 20.

“I’m delighted to be working with Netflix to produce a new horror series in Canada,” said Jules Winnick, Netflix Canada’s president of original programming.

“This series will be an exciting addition to our lineup and I am confident that we will bring a unique blend of horror, comedy, and mystery to Canadians for years to come.”

In 2017, Winnick was named to Netflix’s ‘Canada’s most influential person of the year’ list.

“We’re proud to work with Netflix, the premier destination for the best new programming on Netflix,” said Winnick.

“Through this collaboration, we will continue to push our shows to new audiences.”

“The Good,” the first episode of the series, will premiere on Netflix on Friday in the United States and Canada, followed by a second episode in April 2018 in the U.K.

The series is directed by Rob Paulsen (“The Good Life,” “The Big Sick”), and stars Stephen McQueen, John C. Reilly, and Laura Dern.

It was written by Mark Duplass and David Boreanaz (“The Girlfriend Experience,” “Lovecraft,” “Grimm,” “Hannibal”).